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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay


Environment (inside and outside)

Environmentally friendly business

Our office really takes environmental matters to heart. We therefore try to conduct as much of our correspondence as possible by email without printing out.

For small packages and short distances we use a bicycle courier. CO2-free transport.

We're committed to low power consumption. We currently use a mixture of energy-saving lights and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), see photo.


Result: The introduction of energy-saving lights has reduced our power consumption by 65 to 80 percent compared to incandescent bulbs. According to the EU Commission's calculations, the decreed phasing out of incandescent bulbs will, in the long run, save about 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in Europe.

The introduction of LED lighting means we consume up to 90 % less power to generate the same level of lighting as an incandescent bulb. Our desk lamps are therefore 11W LED table lamps from Nimbus, see photo.


Multifunction system

Our fully equipped A4-multifunction system with a colour scanner, fax option, photocopier and central printer uses various environmentally friendly technologies which minimise power consumption and will protect the environment and its resources. In recognition of this commitment to the environment our "pint-sized" scanner/copier has the Umweltzertifikat "Blauer Engel" ("Blue Angel" environmental certification) and "Energy Star" mark.


Z400 water-cooled

One work station per desk, the most modern processor, central memory, graphics and storage technologies in one place. It can carry out more tasks and processes and run more applications at the same time and leaves a fan-operated system standing. It is water-cooled.


The development of the Z400 was based on ecological considerations: Systems with ENERGY STAR® certification such as mains power supplies with an 85 % degree of effectiveness reduce power costs and consumption required for cooling. An energy-saving function developed by HP helps in reducing power consumption.

The introduction of the Z400 system from HP has been greeted with enthusiasm by the staff members who use it.

Office supplies

We always try to buy environmentally friendly products from our office requisites supplier and to coordinate our orders to reduce the number of deliveries.

FSC paper

Printers Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH take care to be as sparing of resources as possible when producing our letter head paper. Their priority in this is to use only materials which are absolutely necessary in order to keep raw material waste to a minimum.

For example, 100 % of all paper and card waste from the production process is returned to the cycle of raw materials. Printing processes on the print machines use only printing inks which are free of mineral oils and also make no use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). This amounts to completely alcohol-free printing, which protects the environment and, above all, creates better working conditions for staff working in the print shop.

The production of printed matter requires high levels of power and our paper supplier uses exclusively renewable energy from water power. Since 2007 their production processes have complied with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards which they have never failed to meet.


During renovation of our office space we used AURO natural organic paints which are totally free of synthetic solvents and harmful substances (without acrylic). They were more difficult to use but are intense in colour and more durable than comparable conventional paints. They initially produced an atmosphere scented with essential oils, which is better than breathing in fumes for years to come.

The golden pillars of Tal 30

Paperless office

We don't have a paperless office but operate with less paper than a comparable "paperless office".


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